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Alabama Receptionist plans start at only $99 (251) 264 – 3009

Alabama Receptionist answers every call in your company name.  We answer just as your personal receptionist.  No one knows we are not sitting in your office each day.

Serving All Industries

Answer South Regardless of what business industry you serve. Your personal receptionist will work for you within your specific requirements to ensure the highest quality  of service! Professional & High Quality Service!

We Answer & Make Calls for you!

Alabama Receptionist will answer incoming calls & even make outbound calls for your business.  We can respond to client inquiries and even book appointments and jobs for your business! Regardless of  size.  Friendly & Courteous!


Alabama Receptionist provides niche answering  specific to the needs of your business & the clients, patients and customers you serve.  Whether you are a one person business or have a staff of hundreds. Smiles in every call.

Alabama Receptionist is your business partner. We report to work everyday!  All American Agents!!

Our receptionists are based right her in the U.S.A. We answer when your business is open and we answer as if we are sitting inside a desk in your office. You are the boss and we report to you. Every call is treated with Good Ole Southern Hospitality and professional courtesy. We pay attention to detail and can receive and make calls for you every day. You just tell us what you need. We have got it covered!!.
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Alabama Receptionist are hired by you without the expenses associated with employees! No sick days!!

We work within every industry and customize a plan for your business. From one employee to over a thousand.  We answer for everyone and every business BIG or SMALL!!

Private Office Answering in Every Industry

We start answering when your office opens and work as your PERSONAL receptionist. We can live transfer calls, take messages and announce every call before you answer. No surprise sales calls or telemarketers,

We manage your Office Billing & Collections

Alabama Receptionist can manage your collection and billing calls for you. You make the sale and we make the calls when they have not paid their bill. We relieve you from the stress of having to build relationships and have them hurt when you have to collect on past due invoices.

Insurance Answering & Claims Processing

We provide a professional image for your insurance business. Whether it is one agent who needs us to simply answer or process claims. We are a full service receptionist for your business.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Alabama Receptionist can provide customer service and technical support for your business of any size. Whether you have one call per night or over a thousand. We can assign Alabama Receptionists to help answer your calls and treat every customer just as you would. They think we are sitting in your office.

Medical Answering Service

Alabama Receptionist provide medical receptionists. We answer for medical offices. Our receptionists are trained to answer your patient calls, confirm appointments, appointment reminders, book appointments and triage to your nurse!

Catering Businesses & booking related services

Alabama Receptionists can book jobs for you. Do not lose business when a potential customer calls to book your services, food or product. We answer your calls and can review your schedule and book clients for you, send out pricing and follow up on booking inquiries.

Alabama Receptionist are affordable virtual team members !  who answer professionally.  

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Satissfied Clients


Creative Projects


Satissfied Clients


Creative Projects

Our packages are customized to your specific needs.  We can start today.  (251) 264-3009

Alabama Receptionist Service Simply makes you look good.  We are the best at what we do.  We represent you professionally and efficiently, each work day.  Call and get started today (251) 264-3009

  • Business 25

  • $25bc
    • Up to 25 calls
    • Great for new businesses
    • A dedicated receptionist
    • Calls sent to you via live transfer

  • Business 50

  • $49/bc
    • Up to 50 calls
    • Calls transferred to your number
    • Caller’s messages sent via text
    • Voicemail Box
    • Voicemails sent to email

Basic Value
  • Business 100

  • $99bc
    • Up to 100 calls
    • Calls transferred to your number
    • Caller’s messages sent via text
    • Voicemail Box
    • Voicemails sent to email

  • Business 200

  • $199bc
    • Up to 200 calls
    • Calls transferred to your number
    • Caller’s messages sent via text
    • Voicemail Box
    • Voicemails sent to email